Children learn by doing, this is why at Busy Little Preschoolers we learn through playing. When we line up for circle time we choose numbers out of a bag then match the number to a numbered square on the carpet. They are excited to choose a number and find where they are sitting for the day. They don’t realize they are learning to recognize their number, and also remembering their number for our second circle time followed by lining up on that number for the day to go outdoors.

We learn our names by playing games. We throw our names in the air then find them on the floor. While playing these games they are also learning their friends names. So not only are we learning our names and our friends names we are learning to recognize the letters in the names. 

Singing songs while cleaning up, washing our hands, cutting with scissors, holding a crayon, and following directions is just more fun when you are singing all about it! We sing for everything! You would be surprised how singing to use walking feet rather than telling a child to walk works. Try it, you would be amazed!

Our leader of the week brings in a special toy from home to share with the class during circle time. Everyone has the opportunity to hold and ask questions about their friends toy. During the sharing we are taking turns and asking questions.

Communicating while playing grocery store involves saying “May I help you?” and “Thank you, have a nice day”.

We also practice taking turns. For instance, taking turns so everyone has the opportunity to be the store clerk and the customer. These are all important steps in developing social skills.

Learning through play is just another day at 

Processed Art
They are learning...

This is where we learn to appreciate their individualism. Scribbles might be writing you a story, a group of circles might be a portrait of their family, and that mountain of paper pieces stuck together might actually be a place they remember visiting with you. Sometimes, it really was just a pile of mess that they had fun making! And believe me, they will actually admit to that and be proud of it too!



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Preschool art is not JUST what your child has made. They are learning so much more than what's on that piece of paper. 

  • How to sit in a chair and to communicate
  • Pass to a friend and wait our turn
  • Dexterity and problem solving 
  • Identification of colors, shapes, numbers, and letters 
  • Fine motor skills - picking up small objects
  • How to hold a crayon, marker, pencil, paint brush​

A finished item is used as an example so the children have an idea of what the project CAN look like. However, what I envisioned and what they create can be completely different things. I can make a train for instance with colorful pieces of paper, but the child may make a rainbow with those same materials. 

Learning through Play

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