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Early math concepts such as opposites, patterns, graphs, and number signs are incorporated into every circle time. A popular favorite is “what’s missing.” This is a graph game where four pictures, printed in four colors are set up in rows and columns. One piece is taken away, and the children have to use their early math skills to find out what color and picture is missing.

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At Busy Little Preschoolers we know that no curriculum can replace the value of one on one time with your child. We believe very strongly in the importance of having a small class size so that each child has an opportunity to receive one on one instruction time. This is something we’re proud to say you won’t find anywhere else!

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Early Math Skills

Preschool art is not JUST what your chid has made. They are learning so much more than what’s on that piece of paper. They are learning how to sit in a chair and to communicate, pass to a friend and wait our turn, dexterity and problem solving, identification of colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, fine motor skills - picking up small objects, how to hold a crayon, marker, pencil, paintbrush, and more!

A finished item is used as an example so the children have an idea of what the project CAN look like. However, what I envisioned and what they create can be completely different things. I can make a train for instance with colorful pieces of paper, but the child may make a rainbow with those same materials. This is where we learn to appreciate their individualism. Scribbles might be writing you a story, a group of circles might be a portrait of their family, and that mountain of paper pieces stuck together might actually be a place they remember visiting with you. Sometimes, it really was just a pile of mess that they had fun making! And believe me, they will actually admit to that and be proud of it too!

Processed Art

At Busy Little Preschoolers, we understand that every child will learn to read at their own speed. While one child may be reading sight words, another might be just beginning to recognize the first letter of their name. We do not pressure our students to learn faster. We believe too much pressure on early reading can lead some children to have negative literary identities. Instead, we learn through play by designing all of our literary lessons to engage students of all levels, in the form of games. 

Our sound jar is one fun way children learn what sounds each letter is supposed to make. After a short review, children get their hands-on objects from the sound jar that begin with the letter of the week. For example, if we are learning the letter “N” children might hold a napkin, or a necklace during circle time. Preschool art is not JUST what your child has made.  They are learning so much more than what's on that piece of paper. 


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Learning through play is just another day at 


Planning activities that are multimodal is very important for early learners. Children learn much faster when they can use all of their senses. Seeing, hearing, building, and even tasting each letter helps them learn and retain all of this new information. This is why at Busy Little Preschoolers, we use things like wood pieces, playdough, cubes, and simple recipes to reinforce the letter or number concept we are learning about.